The Breadline Challenge!

Date: 24th-28th November 2014

The Acorn Hub took on a new challenge this week in order to support UK charity, FoodCycle. Tess, Libby, Robyn, Andy, Merlyn, Steven, Mary and Kieran make up the FoodCycle team, and we were invited to Oxford House on day two to meet the minds behind this inspiring challenge.


FoodCycle’s Breadline Challenge is a campaign to raise awareness of rising UK food poverty and raise vital funds for their work across the country. They are asking supporters to live off a food and drink budget of £2.10 a day for a week, starting on Monday 24th November - that's £2.10 on breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Participants are asked to raise at least £50 for FoodCycle, which is enough for the charity to serve around 100 meals for people who are struggling to get by. "A lot of food poverty is caused by lack of access to healthy food, because for some people it's just not practical to get to a supermarket or manageable food store", Libby explained. 


The whole team are taking part themselves and we could see that they are all genuinely very passionate and motivated about the work they do. Libby went on to say, "This challenge is the FoodCycle in me talking!"

We all approached the week slightly differently; some have chosen to buy their food on a daily basis, others (including us) have planned their meals and bought it all at the beginning of the week, "I ended up going into four supermarkets to try and get the best deals!", Libby added.


Though it was only half way through day two, we all agreed that we had already started to see changes in the way that we see and appreciate food, as Robyn explained, "I always eat for pleasure and now I eat for fuel." Some of us are taking the challenge for 5 days, and a few are doing it for 7 days - would you be able to go out this weekend with friends or family and not have a drink, or order any food or even have a packet of crisps at the bar? 


We would just like to say a massive congratulations to FoodCycle in all that you've achieved one year on from when we first met. Here's to another great year!