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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015

If you haven't already heard of the Global Goals, it's quite simple: 17 goals have been set out for the next 15 years and there are 7 billion people who can make them happen.


Click on the link below to find out what the goals are and what role you can play in making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality.


Global Goals Website



Quebec Youth Policy

Consultation Paper

The Québec government has embarked on a process to adopt a new Québec Youth Policy, which will propose directions and lines of action that will affect 15-29 year olds over the next decade.


The Ministere du Counseil Executifin Québec recently produced a Consultation Paper on the Quebec Youth Policy called 'Together For Future Generations'.


Having read and admired the approaches put forward, our team have translated the document into English. 


Consultation Paper (French)

Translated Consultation Paper

B Team Live: 

Business and the Global Goals

On the morning before the Sustainable Development Goals were launched, some of the world’s most innovative and ambitious leaders gathered together in New York to discuss how business can help the world to meet the 

Global Goals.


The impressive line up of speakers and panellists spent the morning talking about how 'the businesses leading the transition will be the first to benefit from adopting these goals', and reinforced the critical role that we all have to play in accelerating the transition.


B Team Website



Professor Johan Rockstrom on

Thriving within Planetary boundaries

Speaking at the B Team Live event in September 2015, Professor Rockstrom's presentation was a timely reminder of the critical factors to guiding the necessary human transition to sustainable development.


He reviewed how our planet has enabled us to continue to live and flourish worldwide over thousands of years, and explained the dangers of exhausting resources and under-rating the warning signs of tipping points ahead.


Professor Rockstrom also reinforced the importance of centring people and planet at the heart of all things, and expressed his view that business should lead the economic revolution.


Full report here

Reference: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Mazzarol 2014

Isenberg outlined several “prescriptions” for the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Read full WEF article here

Essential work of the Ecological Sequestration Trust

On 3rd July 2015 a Collaboration agreement to deliver inclusive resilient growth was signed by City of Ulaanbaatar and The Ecological Sequestration Trust.


This tool will enable cities to plan and evaluate the business case for investment in projects that bring improved human wellbeing, resource efficiency, clean energy and renewable technologies which restore ecological and freshwater systems and secure the production of safe food.


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Former UN Secretary General on Empowering the next generation

"You are never too young to lead. You are never too young to do what it is that you actually believe in. We keep saying that the future belongs to the young, but it only belongs to you if you take it. From what I have seen, young people will change the world."


Video of Kofi Annan at TIGE 2013



Open Dialogue is the way forward to creating Holistic Collaboratories

We believe that creating a platform for open dialogue between the UK’s Key Societal Stakeholders will enable us to create a fundamental network of holistic collaborators.


The network will actively interpret the contributing factors to long-term sustainability, happiness and prosperity in society on the whole; with particular focus on coaching the next generation and advancing societal priorities to enabling their smooth transitions to social and professional autonomy. 



Belgium School for Conscious Entrepreneurs

The International Organisation for Conscious Entrepreneurial Community Schools, also known as OIECEC, proposes a modern, inclusive, responsible and humanist educational path. It creates new schools, which operate in synergy with the community, allowing the children and the adults to learn differently,

more in depth

and globally.


About OIECEC and

their Philosophy

Praneo offers unique human-centred services to individuals, organisations and businesses to enable them to grow and proseper more effectively.


"When growth is human-centered, money flows.When growth is business-centered, people run out."


Praneo Community



Raising the consciousness level of people, organisations & businesses

Our Ambition:

Young People


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Community People



Quora Smartworking Summit: 

Are Workplaces Stifling Talent?

Quora’s Smartworking Summit offered a unique approach to tackling this challenge in an inspired ‘unplugged’ format which encouraged the speakers to talk freely and honestly with their audience. 


Founder John Blackwell expressed, “They’re not talking about case studies, they are talking about genuine experiences – warts ‘n all. What you are hearing is people talking from the heart”.


Full article here



Shaun Achor's Ted Talk on The Happiness Average

Shaun's presentation on positive psychology is brilliantly informative and effortlessly entertaining. Having studied positive psychology and the link between happiness and success, Shaun believes that if we, as a society, continue to study what is merely average we will remain merely average.


Referring to how society teachers us to 'eliminate the outliers' in order to determine the line of best fit, Shaun goes on to suggest that instead of 'deleting' the positive outliers we should study them. He states, 'It is not about moving people up to the average, it is about moving the average up in our companies and schools worldwide". 


View the video here