Hub Team

Alan Dean

Co-Founder and Mentor


"It's about you the person,

not you the piece of paper."

Maria Peters
Co-Founder and
Operations Manager 

"Perhaps it isn't about presuming to know what people need, but actually, it's about listening to what they are asking for!"

Frank McConnell
Co-Founder and Chairman
of Advisory Board


"Young people are our planet's greatest resource and they are needed - now - while their confidence, passion and imagination is untampered with." 

Benjamin Viney
Media Consultant and Technical Designer


"The only things that hold
you back are your own preconceptions of what is or isnt possible. Always remember to dream big and cling to the hope that one day your dreams may come true."

Alex Burnett 
Education Mentor
and Booster Tutor


"Never let anyone say

'you can't'."

Philip Koenig
Strategic Consultant 
and Advisory Board Member


"We prepare the ground first before planting the seeds."

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