Swanwicks: Joining the dots, May 2014 


Ginn Fourie and Letlapa Mphahlele from South Africa were invited to take part in a 'Speaking Tour' on healing and reconciliation by Initiatives of Change UK. 


The tour showcases the extraordinary journey of a grieving mother, Ginn Fourie, as she meets Letlapa Mphahlele, the man who gave the command that resulted in her daughter's death.


"I was now coming face to face with the person who was responsible for Lyndi's death - I had this perception of an evil person." (Ginn) 


Both Ginn and Letlapa imagined that they would be meeting a monster. But when the time came and they were introduced to each other, the outcome was very different than either of them had anticipated.


"For a long time I had demonised the people I was fighting against"  (Letlapa)


Coming face to face with one another gave them the extraordinary opportunity to see that they were both normal human beings, both trying to do good. As a result of this they have now learned to forgive and move forward. Using story telling as a healing process, Ginn and Letlapa hope to reach many more people and demonstrate the path beyond forgiving from their own incredible experiences.


"That experience of forgiveness sparks me to share the story, and I think Letlapa as well" - Ginn


For a full report on the weekend and for information on the 'Beyond Forgiving' tour visit: http://www.uk.iofc.org/beyond-forgiving-uk-tour#sthash.k20AUUFd.dpuf