Make it happen!


Date:                Monday 15th - Friday 19th September 2014

Venue:             Royal Victoria Place, Tunbridge Wells, Kent


In September 2014 we teamed up with Target Your Potential to deliver a 'Make it happen' route to employment event in Tunbridge Wells. The event brought together a variety of local businesses within the Tunbridge Wells area who were looking to either; take on new staff, provide training or apprenticeships or support people into finding links within their own professional industries.


The event took place at Royal Victoria Place Shopping Mall, where we took over a store for the week to offer the matching service that we were looking to provide for both businesses and people. Though the event was initially targeted at supporting young people, throughout the week we had attendees with ages ranging between 16-70!


Following the incredible success of the Tunbridge Wells Make it happen event, we are now looking into setting up a similar event in another Kentish town. We are also developing new training programmes that will focus on supporting the specific needs demosntrated by the general public at this event. So watch this space, your community could be next!