What they do...


Our hub mentors are business leaders and innovators who are equipped with expertise, knowledge and versatile skill sets. Their role is an essential part in the successful start-up of each new business, and each business will have a mentor that targets the personal development of each new leader. Each mentor will provide a confidential sounding board for you to work with through the crucial and often complex decisions that you are going to need to make. They will also further enhance your skills such as coaching, listening, giving feedback and adapting your leadership styles.


Softer benefits of having a Mentor will include; sharing their network contacts, giving the new business leaders a temperature check on their organisation and raising personal visibility as an important member of the business team. Mentors will also assist you in indentifying short term deliverables and long-term career goals.


Package your Portfolio


Hub mentors will also encourage all young people involved with the hub to build a working portfolio of all their experiences, connections made, events and productions. This will provide each young business leader with a booklet of evidence and personal experiences to take with them when they feel ready to move on from The Acorn Hub.