Smartworking Summit
Date:            Friday 5th June 2015

Venue:         RSA London Charing Cross  


An unplugged response to one of the hottest challenges

affecting organisations today - are our workplaces stifling

talent and innovation?


On June 3rd consultancy organisation Quora brought together highly acclaimed thought-leaders to engage in open dialogue and to transparently face these challenges head-on. 


Burning2Learn was invited to hear presentations from an excellent group of panelist, whilst sitting amongst other delegates - made up of CEOs, CFOs and CIOs - and discussing the day’s hot topics. Panelists included; 

Olympic Gold Medalist, Adrian Moorhouse MBE; former Chief Executive of Network Rail, Iain Coucher; CIO RSA, Malcolm Whitehouse; HR Director of Tate & Lyle, Julie Smith; SAP, Michael; and CEO BBC Commercial projects Chris Kane.


Quora’s Smartworking Summit offered a unique approach to tackling this challenge in an inspired ‘unplugged’ format which encouraged the speakers to talk freely and honestly with their audience. Founder John Blackwell expressed, “They’re not talking about case studies, they are talking about genuine experiences – warts ‘n all. What you are hearing is people talking from the heart” - and that’s exactly what they did. The openness in the room was welcomed warmly by the delegates and it was a joy to be part of such a refreshing approach and experience. 


Throughout the morning each speaker gave their audience a whole host of opinions, ideas and approaches to sink their teeth into and really put some thought into. 


The panelists’ main areas of response to the summits theme, ‘are our workplaces stifling talent and innovation’ were as follows: High performance centers, the role of management as a motivator, cultural fit within organisations, honesty and trust from the outset and being inspired.