Tunbridge Wells: BoB

Alan Dean represented the team at our first ever experience of a BoB Networking Meeting this morning in Tunbridge Well.s. In attending, our aim was to raise awareness of Target Your Potential's upcoming five-day Make it Happen Event, due to launch on 15th September 2014.

"It was a fantastic morning delivered exceptionally by DMA's Denise Molloy", Alan reports, "Before I had even sat down for my breakfast I found people who were looking for a plumber, games designer, 2 paint and decorators and an office junior".

This again reinforces the fact that there are so many people out there with different skills and needs, and events such as this are imperative for joining those people in business together.

The event this morning was a real success - "Ever community needs a BoB if they are as friendly as Tunbridge Wells!"


Target Your Potential is aiming to play a similar role at it's matching services event in Tunbridge Wells, only with a focus on getting young people into employment across five specific popular industry areas.


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