Make Things Do Stuff: Inspiring Young Digital Creators

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Having worked with Nesta for several years now, Acorn Hub Director, Alan Dean, was invited to the House of Commons this week to join in their celebrations of young talent.

Here's a recap of the event from Alan:

As the train pulled into London Victoria the heavens opened, and yet my spirit was not dampened as I walked to the House of Commons for Nesta's 'Make Things Do Stuff' event. To say I was pleased to be invited is an understatement. Once inside the corridors of power you could feel the energy from the guests and conversations soon started all over the place. Looking around, I could see one or two young people with a look of a trip to the dentist etched on their faces as it dawned on them that that would be showcasing their talent in front of all of these guests. It was a privilege to see so much young talent as presentations and workshops were given.

To see added value being supported and created in parliament, rather than the medias portrayal of more cuts and reduction , was truly inspiring and the holistic outcomes from this innovative to allow young minds to play, learn and investigate can only benefit society.

With our desire at The Acorn Hub to create stronger happier communities, the idea of looking to the minds of those without constraints was reinforced; we need to work for our children and grandchildren's future.

When people state that 2/3 of our primary school children will work in jobs that have not been created yet, it makes us question how we can teach them useful skills. Intergenerational problems are occurring because we are not all on the same page. Make Things Do Stuff will help people move from their silo thinking into real, collaborative forward thinking actions.

Oh, and just a few names to watch out for in the future: Jamie Davies and Sanjay Poyzer!

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