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We live in rapidly changing times - in all areas and walks of life. Be it change in industries, shifting mindsets or evolving economies, we are all feeling the impacts in one way or another.

It seems to be a popular trend within broadcasting media to headline the stories of change that are most eyebrow-raising and have the most 'shock factor'- and all too often the most negative stories as well. What about the positive messages? There is so much positive action taking place every day that we miss because there's something else that's deemed more worth hearing about by somebody else.

This week we are cutting out that filter system and balancing the dose of daily news on your newsfeed by highlighting as many positive messages as we can find! Today we start our week of sharing stories of positive action with news from a Trust that has made life-changing footsteps towards a better and more sustainable future. On 3rd July 2015 a Collaboration agreement to deliver inclusive resilient growth was signed by City of Ulaanbaatar and The Ecological Sequestration Trust. This tool will enable cities to plan and evaluate the business case for investment in projects that bring improved human wellbeing, resource efficiency, clean energy and renewable technologies which restore ecological and freshwater systems and secure the production of safe food.


Photographer - Michael Hayes

Catherine Arnold, Her Majesty's Ambassador to Mongolia, André Head, The Ecological Sequestration Trust, Professor Peter Head CBE, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Ecological Sequestration Trust, Bat-Üül Erdene, Mayor and Governor of Ulaanbaatar, Catherine Allinson, Future Earth Ltd., Stephen Passmore, The Ecological Sequestration Trust and Rachael Kemp, Future Earth Ltd.

Find out more about the resilience platform here.

This agreement reinforces the phenomenal region-changing steps that can be achieved by any of us through co-responsible collaboratories and positive action!

We'd like to find out more about the positive actions that are taking place in your area too. What good news stories are happening around you?

Keep us posted and we'll share them with the rest of your community!

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