A platform in business to revitalise organisations through shifting mindsets

On October 14th, Quora hosted the final Smartworking Summit of 2015 at London's RSA. The summit - entitled 'Revitalising organisations Through Shifting Mindsets' - explored the changing nature of current workplaces and invited business leaders to express their views on how best to tackle the challenges ahead.

It's no secret that many of us do not like change, however this summit presented its participants with a range of solutions to help the transition and implementation of the much needed change into workplaces. The most talked about solutions all involved scrapping silo thinking and approaching challenges with shifting, holistic mindsets.

The overall theme of this event, for us, was certainly the importance and effectiveness of collaboration. Each speaker reinforced this message and spoke about the significance of 'taking the people with you' when making decisions that are going to impact their working lives.

Our team attended this event and produced a short paper highlighting the key points of discussion.

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