TIGE Talk: Lawrence Bloom


Date:         Tuesday 7th October 2014

Venue:      Greencoat Place, London Victoria  

"We are in the middle of an intelligence test for humanity. The prize for success is beyond our wildest dreams, but the penalty for failure is beyond our worst nightmares."


Having been present when Lawrence gave the closing TIGE talk at the fifth annual TIGE conference last summer (2013), it was a great privilege to be invited to hear him speak again at a recent Initiatives of Change forum on resilience. 


Lawrence shared that he believes our world is in three types of crisis; an economic crisis, an environmental crisis and a social crisis. Furthermore, he then continued to say explain that, "Each of these crisis' are the effects of a deeper crisis; a crisis in values, which in itself is an effect of a much deeper crisis; a crisis in our world view."


The talk explored global sustainability, why the models that got us to where we are now are not strong enough to keep us going in the future and his great belief that 'We are in a change of age, not an age of change."


A full recap of Lawrence's talk can be found at uk.iofc.org