Transition Programmes

Primary to Secondary Education


The first key transition stage that young people go through is going from the oldest and wisest in Primary School to the youngest, newbies in Secondary School. Using media as a hidden platform, our sessions and events encourage young people to take ownership in new and challenging projects. They'll be given more freedom and independence than they're used to, but will have strict deadlines to keep to. Really it's about developing self-esteem and confidence in a safe, open and entertaining environment.

Post 16 Decision Making


Again through sessions and events, our team will encourage your students to take ownership in their own projects and try new things to discover talents they may not even been aware of yet! Whether it's at a WSBK Championship race, the London Clothes Show or an interview with an MP - they'll be in charge of their own learning and will pick up a plethera of new skills along the way.